The Social Conference is a leading conference on the impact and future of social media in the business community. They inspire participants to strengthen their business by harnessing the power of the social web. The Social Conference does not only look beyond the hypes and trends, they want to share the knowledge and strategies of corporate experts and leading academics with its visitors.

The sixth anniversary of The Social Conference 2013 is about Social in Business. Curious about this event and what speakers like Peter Kim (R/GA), Tan Lam (Airbnb), Richard Millington (Feverbee), our own Marian Spier (TEDx) or Nathalie Nahai (The Web Psychologist) have to say about social? I invite you to have a peek!

Thijs Sprangers, tsc13
Peter Kim, tsc13

Peter Kim

Chief Solutions Architect @DachisGroup

Social Business and Beyond
Create business values from the inside out. The power of social media has moved from institutions to individuals which means you have to start with the people to create a business culture. 1. When you create start with culture. 2. communicate through compelling tools. 3. Unite people and activate them by creating meaningful relationships. 4. Cultivate your loyalist into advocates for your business.

Peter advises on digital business strategy and co-authored the book Social Business By Design. Peter has been a featured speaker at events including SXSW and Enterprise 2.0 Russia and quoted by media including CNN, Les Echos, Handelsblatt, and The Wall Street Journal. He was previously Chief Strategy Officer at Dachis Group, an analyst at Forrester Research, and head of global digital marketing at PUMA AG. Peter holds degrees from the University of Virginia and the University of Pennsylvania.
Tan Lam tsc13

Tan Lam

Social Media Manager Airbnb

Connection Hyperinflation – where’s the value?
Content should be meaningful. Think of creating good content like you write your own obituary: if you understand your own obituary you have a powerful kind of storytelling. Maybe it sounds a bit morbid but an obituary only highlights what actually matters.

Everyone talks about “connections” – but the truth is that they are a devalued currency. So how do we find real value in and meaning behind the connections we create in our online communities? Tan Lam is the Social Media Manager at Airbnb, where he inspires online engagement and leads a global team of Social Media Content Coordinators. Prior to Airbnb, Tan designed the social media strategy at Specialized Bicycle Components, where he focused on community growth, increased engagement, and brand evangelism. Tan specializes in creative content marketing, customer service, and strengthening brands through community love.
Marije Gast tsc13

Marije Gast

Manager at Accenture Interactive

Social at Scale
Within accenture we use a lot of collaboration tools. If we need some inspiration or help we post a question within our group and we help each other to create ideas. So don’t forget the knowledge within the company, you don’t have to outsource everything.

Marije Gast is a manager at Accenture Interactive and social media lead in The Netherlands. She is specialized in the area of interactive marketing strategy and transformation. She advises companies on customer interaction management via social media and online channels and supports them to implement this in their organization.
Arnoud en Peter tsc13

Thijs, Peter & Arnoud

The digital agency of the future

Agencies have to differentiate themselves by providing experience and transformative services.

Kees Verhoeven tsc13

Kees Verhoeven

Campaignleader at D66

Social media in politics
Bij D66 maken we actief gebruik van social media. We gaan niet alleen in gesprek met de volgers, maar gebruiken het ook voor webcare en tijdens campagnes om mensen naar de stembus te krijgen. Ik merk wel dat het echt learning by doing is. Met vallen en opstaan komen we er. Voor de komende jaren zal D66 zich meer op social media richten en vooral tijdens campagnes. Voornamelijk omdat onze doelgroep hier te vinden is. D66 heeft de jongste doelgroep en wij willen ons aansluiten bij deze waarden.

Since Kees started his career, he built experience on processing all kinds of people, groups and organizations -with different backgrounds and interests- to work effectively to their collective goals. Social media rapidly change the way we communicate and politicians all over the world are scrambling to keep up. Kees Verhoeven will talk about the dual relationship between politics and social media. Politicians do not only make extensive use of social media themselves; they also have the responsibility to protect the field.
Marian Spier tsc13

Marian Spier

VP TEDxAmsterdam

The TEDxAmsterdam experience
Data is belangrijk. Maar uiteindelijk is social all about people. Steker nog, voor TEDx is het all about connecting.

Marian Spier is among other things responsible for the experience of TED events. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. The x for Independently organized. Every year a big event is organized, with side events such as TEDxAmsterdamYouth, TEDxAmsterdamWomen, TEDxChange and TEDxAmsterdamED (education).
Richard Millington tsc13

Richard Millington

Founder Feverbee

How to use social science to increase activity
When people join your community, socialise them. People usually join a community because of information needs. If you socialise them they return on daily basis.

Richard Millington is the founder of FeverBee, an Online Community Consultancy and the Pillar Summit, a community management training course. He has helped clients including Oracle, Novartis, The United Nations, Amazon, Lego, GreenPeace, EMC apply social science principles to develop thriving online communities. Richard is also the author of Buzzing Communities: How To Build Bigger, Better, and More Active Online Communities. He believes the key to developing succecssful communities is to combine proven principles of social sciences to modern community building.
Nathalie Nahai tsc13

Nathalie Nahai

Web Psychology & Digital Strategy

Going Social: The Psychology of Online Influence
Social media in organisations engender a sense of belonging. Its use can reflect and change an organisations culture and can act as an alternative social structure.

Nathalie Nahai is a Web Psychologist and best-selling author of ‘Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion’ (Pearson). With a background in psychology and digital strategy, she is one of the few leading voices in this field to have both academic and hands-on experience in engineering online persuasion. Nathalie helps businesses to psychologically optimise for better engagement online, and lectures internationally on the subject of Web Psychology and Online Influence (audiences include Goldman Sachs and Southampton University). She is also a member of #OgilvyChange, you’ll find her tweets @TheWebPsych and her blog atTheWebPsychologist.com.